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Registration 2011/2012


Hope everyone is doing well on their exams and if you're finished, congratulations!

Ok so I have a question, specifically for those who are in their last year or anyone else who may know this. And I'll say off the bat that I already asked the registrars office about this and they didn't give me the information I was exactly looking for.

June 20th is the proposed start date for registration for 2011/2012 courses. Does anyone remember what time the fourth year registration opened up last summer, or even previous years? I'm just finishing my third year and I remember it opening up at 10am for me, I think.

I ask this because I have an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out early that morning and I'm worried that I will miss the opening and when I get home will head straight to bed as I will probably be incapable of even using a computer at that point. I'm going into my fourth year and I'm at Kings so the classes fill up really fast and I don't want to burn on getting my first choice or not being able to get into classes at all. I'm trying to avoid changing the appointment as that's already the earliest it can get done and I just want to get it over with. The registrar's office suggested having someone register for me but I'm trying to avoid that as well. Anything that anyone can remember about registration times from previous years may be helpful.

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