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textbooks anyone?

hi everyone!

I have a pile of textbooks that I don't need anymore, and I would love to get rid of them. So, I thought I would post here to see if anyone is interested in buying them since I know this class is quite popular.

These textbooks are for Comparative Literature and Culture 1020 (CLC1020).
Titled: Norton Anthology Of World Literature (Volumes A,B,C,D,E,F)
I bought them last year but I know for sure that they're being used this year as well. The books are mostly in really good condition. There is a good amount of highlighting in them and very few notes written in pencil. I also got The Princess of Cleves with the set for free, and since it is being used this year as well, I'll through that in too for free.

The price at the book store for the whole set is $150.

My price is $85.

If anyone is interested please comment here.

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